Why a WebRTC Glossary?

WebRTC is a relatively new technology that is located at the intersection between the internet and telephony.

While both the internet and telephony deal with communications, they do so in drastically different ways and are being developed and deployed by different types of developers.

The WebRTC Glossary is an attempt to put a bit of order into those who wish to understand a bit better all the terms underlying the technology no matter which background they come from.

Who is the author of the WebRTC Glossary?

The WebRTC Glossary was created and is being maintained by Tsahi Levent-Levi, theĀ founder and author of BlogGeek.me.

Hopefully, more individuals will pitch in and assist in the effort of maintaining and beefing up the glossary.

How can I request a term to be added to the WebRTC Glossary?

Just use the contact page.

You can use it also to comment on the content, ask for modifications, or request to join as an editor of the WebRTC Glossary itself.